Every other year, Parents for Public Schools hosts a cohort of parents and community members who commit to spending one day per month learning the ins and outs of public education. By the end of the year, each parent has planned a project that will better a school or public education in Pitt County. Many participants feel better equipped and more empowered as they advocate for public education from the classroom to the legislature, and everywhere in between.

We were so excited to welcome the newest co-hort of 18 participants last week as we kicked off the year. Participants safely gathered outdoors for an orientation lunch at Elm Street Park, where they heard from former PEP graduates, past and present PPS-PC board leaders, and were informed about some of the topics they will learn about this year including school budgets, data and accountability, and learning and leadership styles. We look forward to seeing advocacy in action as this lively group spends the year becoming some of our county’s strongest public education advocates!