About Us

The Board of Directors of PPS-PC is made up of individuals who offer experience, ideas, opinions and beliefs about the value of high-quality public education in Pitt County. We’re members of school communities throughout Pitt County and we work to find solutions that strengthen all our public schools, for each of our children.

Carolyn Sievers


We have great public schools in Pitt County and Parents for Public Schools makes them even stronger by getting parents and the community more involved in public education at every level.

Melissa Adamson

Vice President

I want to actively build quality public education and provide support to create the best possible school district for all children in my community. Our local Parents for Public Schools Chapter offers the opportunity to be part of a diverse, positive and effective solution for improving public education in our district.

Kathy March


I strongly believe that all children deserve quality schools and equal educational opportunities. Strong schools produce educated students who in turn, strengthen and enrich communities.

Chris Godley


PPS “Empowers parents and teachers to have a voice in the public school sector.”

Kathy Herring

Past President

Parents for Public Schools represents our community’s best efforts to build support for public education that helps each child succeed in school and in life.

Kylene Dibble

Executive Director

I am involved with PPS because of a 3 letter word: FOR. I truly believe that public education is only made stronger when we all work together in a positive way with the best education for each child as our end goal. Parents for Public Schools does exactly this, working closely with parents, caregivers, community members, and the school system FOR each child living and growing in our community.

Camilla Smith

PEP Site Manager

After having graduated from the first Parents for Public Schools PEP class. I felt so empowered and enthusiastic, I wanted to get involved with helping other parents become an active participant in their child's school and community. PPS and the PEP program helps parents become just that.

Robin Dailey

PEP Coordinator

As a former principal, I'm committed to public education and want to ensure our parents have the knowledge and skills necessary to help their children succeed.

Angela Mebane

Board Member

I decided to get involved with PPS Pitt County because I know how much stronger our public schools are when parents are engaged with our teachers, administrators and communities in helping to educate our children.

Jill Camnitz

Board Member

I believe that a strong public school system, meeting the needs of all children and enjoying broad community support, is critical to the future of our community and our country.

Leo Corbin

Board Member

Education is a significant key to a prepared workforce and an engaged community. PPS provides an important avenue of support for Pitt County Public Schools which benefits workforce development and enhances the quality of life in our community.

Jim Cieslar

Board Member

The United Way of Pitt County is involved with Parents for Public Schools because it is the most effective way parents and the entire community can be actively and constructively involved in public education in Pitt County.

Diane Taylor

Board Member

William Ross Wallace said that The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world. Parenting is a difficult job. Parents for Public Schools is a perfect vehicle to empower and encourage parents in the education process.

Juan Garcia

Board Member

I want to advocate for quality public education for every child in the school system.

Clarissa Lee

Board Member

I am involved with PPS-PC because I strongly believe that the success of each child is connected to engaging parents and cooperation from the community.

Desha Lane

Board Member

To educate and empower parents in Pitt County to become engaged advocates for our youth and public education.