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About Us

The Board of Directors of PPS-PC is made up of individuals who offer experience, ideas, opinions and beliefs about the value of high-quality public education in Pitt County. We’re members of school communities throughout Pitt County and we work to find solutions that strengthen all our public schools, for each of our children.

Jessica Lawrence


I advocate for all PCS students with PPS-PC because a solid education and a love of learning is the most powerful tool a person can have. It opens up the world to the learner, just like a book.

Maura Aceto


I am proud to be part of Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County because this organization empowers parents with the tools to advocate for better public schools and fosters active parent engagement....this organization gets things done!

Katie Gilbert


When we moved to Greenville, Parents for Public Schools (PPS) of Pitt County, was a huge blessing to our family! They assisted us in setting up a school tour and meeting the appropriate people in a very short timeframe. Our son had a great public school experience because of their help and I am happy to serve on the Board to help other families as PPS of Pitt County has helped ours.

Tywanna Purkett

Nominating Chair

As a parent, I am excited about being a member of the Board of Directors because of PPS’s mission, vision, and commitment to our public schools here in Pitt County. Parent engagement is vital to the success of our children now more than ever, and we must all work with our public schools to ensure the best education experience possible for all students.

Clarissa Lee

Past President

I am involved with PPS-PC because I strongly believe that the success of each child is connected to engaging parents and cooperation from the community.

Kathy Herring

Board Member

Parents for Public Schools represents our community’s best efforts to build support for public education that helps each child succeed in school and in life.

Aisha Holton

Board Member

Advocacy & engagement... not only does being on the PPS-PC board allow me to advocate on a broader scale, but it also affords me the opportunities to engage and connect with a diverse group of individuals who also value high quality public education!

Dwain Cooper

Board Member

I am honored to be a part of the PPS Board and to support the organization’s vision…families and communities across Pitt County are actively engaged in strengthening public schools for every child.

Maria Bright

Board Member

I want to thoroughly impact the lives of school-aged children through advocacy for all who do not have a voice.


John Carrere

Board Member

As a member serving on the PPS-PC Board of Directors, I am honored to help advocate for the children of Pitt County and strengthen the support for our public teachers and administrators to deliver quality educational opportunities for our students. Serving in this capacity allows me to learn about the needs of our community and connect with parents who wish to foster positive change for their families.