No matter what happens in the coming weeks with our schools, the reality is that these days we are all doing some kind of virtual learning. We have learned more than we ever thought we would know about internet portals with odd names:  Seesaw, Canvas, and Zoom. We’ve struggled with helping our children type, been patient as our children log in to Zoom classroom meetings, calmed our children down when they did not understand the material (and then calmed ourselves down). We’ve learned a LOT, and we will continue to do so, and remain resolved, together with our children, teachers and administrators, that we will all be successful this year! We wanted to take a moment to share some tips and tricks for students from teachers right here in Pitt County.


– Check your email! Teachers tell us that students will sometimes email them with a question, and then not check the email for a response. Email is a hard thing to get used to if you’ve never done it regularly before, so remeber to check it at a few preset times each day.

-Set timers/alarms to help remember zoom calls and meetings.

-Make sure you have shared completed assignments with teachers so that they do not have to request access to view the assignment.

-If possible, try to follow a schedule that is similar to your regular school schedule. Be sure to include short breaks in that schedule that move you away from the screen. Think about a small break in between each subject. Take a walk, play with a pet, or shoot some basketball!

-Even though we are now virtual, paper and pencil are still your friend! Work out  problems with a paper and pencil before entering them digitally. This not only gives you a screen break, but also helps your brain reinforce the work in a way that will help you remember it later.

– Read all of the directions carefully, and then if you don’t understand something, never be afraid to ask your teachers questions.

-Check daily assignments….daily! Canvas has a great calendar that will cross assignments off when you are done with them.

-Remember encore! It is not optional.


-Check in with your students and make sure they have turned in the things required of them, and know what’s coming up in their classes (tests, assignments due). Don’t be afraid to email your child’s teacher for clarification….just be sure to give them a day to respond.

– Virtual learning is awkward, so it’s okay to feel awkward. Parents, validate your child’s feelings (and your own!) and recognize that this new way of learning is hard and different.

-Be patient. With your student, your teachers and yourself. We are all still learning.