At Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County, we believe in advancing the role of families and communities in securing a high quality public education for each child. During the pandemic, helping parents and communities feel connected to our public schools has been more important than ever. We have been connecting parents and schools virtually in a number of ways, including through Q&A sessions with Pitt County Schools’ key leaders.

Since July, our Q&A sessions have covered curriculum and instruction, Exceptional Children’s programs, Pre-K, technology, and so much more. Before each session we collect questions from parents, then record a zoom call with a Pitt County Schools’ employee who can best answer those questions. The recorded zooms are posted on PPS-PC and PCS social media, including YouTube channels. We recently recorded three Q&A sessions we think you’ll find helpful:

Q&A About Spring Registration: Current virtual families will need to decide by November 20 if they plan to remain virtual second semester, or if they will return to face to face instruction.  This video answers many questions that might assist families with this decision

Q&A About Food and Nutrition: Free breakfast and lunch is available to ALL children ages 1-18 until June 4. Learn more about how to get meals for the children in your life (you can pick up food for your children, your neighbor’s children, children you care for, etc.). Also learn about why it is so important to still fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Applications, as they help schools secure funding for more than just food. Watch the video about food and nutrition here

Q&A With School Psychologists: What do school psychologists do? How can they help families? What role do they play in the teamwork approach you and your family can take with schools to provide the best education for your child? Hear from two Pitt County Schools Psychologists in this video.  Listen to the school psychologists here

If you have suggestions for future zooms Q&As, please let us know!