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PPS National has partnered with ParentPowered to offer a free text-based learning program to support families. This is a resource that PPS National encourages PPS chapters like PPS-NC to encourage families to sign up for. ParentPowered is a whole child, trauma-informed and personalized learning program provided at no cost to families of children from ages Pre-K through 8th grade. Once enrolled with Ready4K, parents will receive short text messages each week with facts and easy tips on how to promote whole child development by building on existing family routines. Each text includes a fact to inform and motivate, a tip for activities and something to focus on growth and to reinforce, encourage and extend the activities of the week.

All ParentPowered curriculums are aligned to nationwide learning standards with content on language and literacy, math and science, social and emotional learning, physical development, health and safety. The ParentPowered approach has the strongest underlying evidence base in the field and the program is continuously being evaluated and improved through ongoing partnerships with Stanford, Brown and Notre Dame universities. This approach is providing learning support that has been shown to increase family engagement at home and school and increase child learning by 2-3 months over the course of a school year.

If you have multiple children in eighth grade or younger you can list each child under the same phone number (up to 3 children per parent). This resource is available in English and Spanish.

Example of Text Message: Book Check – For your third grader:

FACT: Kids need lots of experience reading books that are “just right” for their reading level. “Just right” books help kids become confident readers!

TIP: Before bed, ask your child to pick a book to read. Before they begin, turn to any page. Are there 5 or more hard words? If so, try an easier book.

GROWTH: Keep finding books that are “just right”! Ask your child to play teacher and read a “just right” book out loud to you. Give them lots of encouragement.

Click HERE to sign-up.