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In partnership with Pitt County Schools, PPS-PC hosts school tours at all Pitt County Schools annually during the Spring School Tour Series. The Early College High Schools are not included during the tour series because the application deadline to apply to those schools for the upcoming school year has already passed. In 2023 there were 28 tours at 26 schools during the Spring School Tour Series that welcomed over 300 people into schools across Pitt County.

The 2024 Spring School Tour Series will begin on February 20th and conclude on March 21st. Use this link to see the schedule for the tours and to sign up to attend one or more tours – All tours are open to anyone and students are invited to attend tours. If you have a child transitioning to a new school such as starting Kindergarten, 6th grade or 9th grade in the Fall of 2024 school tours are a great opportunity to get to know the school your child will be attending. School tours also provide a great opportunity to tour multiple schools for anyone who is considering open enrollment options. The list of open enrollment schools for the 2024-2025 school year is expected to be approved by the Board of Education at the February 5th Board of Education monthly meeting. That list once it is approved will be posted on the Pitt County Schools Website as well as shared on PPS-PC social media. March 1 – March 15 is when the open enrollment online portal application for the 2024 – 2025 school year will be accessible.

A previous school tour participant following the tours said: “The tours gave me an in depth look at the curriculum and culture of the school and gave me a chance to meet the principals and staff at each one. I’m so grateful they were offered to our community.” PPS-PC is excited about welcoming families and community members to school tours during the 2024 Spring School Tour Series. Sponsors of the Spring School Tour Series help make the tour series possible. This year PPS-PC thanks Children’s Health Services and Pitt Community College for sponsoring the 2024 Spring School Tour Series.

To sign up for a school tour use this link.