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Beginning on June 1, 2023 PPS-PC and Team Boneyard will begin a unique partnership. Team Boneyard is a new initiative launched by ECU alumni, donors, fans and former athletes designed to help facilitate Name Image Likeness (NIL) opportunities for ECU student athletes in a safe and compliant way.

This new partnership will raise awareness for PPS-PC and public education and strengthen Pitt County Schools by collaborating with student athletes at ECU. This collaboration creates a unique opportunity to strengthen our public schools by engaging student athletes who benefited from a public school education to be advocates for public schools and to engage with public schools in our community. Public schools are uniquely qualified to mentor student athletes from all backgrounds into successful college athletes and scholars. The PPS-PC and Team Boneyard partnership will also serve to increase the visibility and awareness of PPS-PC helping to engage, educate and mobilize more parents and community members in securing a high quality public education for each child in Pitt County.

Student athletes at ECU under contract with Team Boneyard will serve the local community as both ambassadors for PPS-PC and public school advocates. Athletes will share social media posts each month that align with the promotion of PPS-PC’s three programs: school tours, community conversations and the Parent Engagement Program as well as complete at least one monthly in-person engagement with a PPS-PC Program or a Pitt County School. PPS-PC will use a small percentage of all donated funds to the partnership to assist with its fundraising efforts and general operating expenses and the remaining percentage of funds raised will be used to compensate student athletes at ECU under contract with Team Boneyard who make social media posts and in person engagements on behalf of PPS-PC and Pitt County Schools.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to this exciting new PPS-PC/Team Boneyard Partnership to support the work of PPS-PC and ECU Student Athletes can write a check to PPS-PC, with Team Boneyard Partnership in the memo line, and mail it to PO Box 2873 Greenville, NC 27836. In a few weeks donors will be able to donate online from the PPS-PC website.