Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County is proud to have a working board that is reflective of the diversity of Pitt County. Per our organization bylaws, we have set term limits for each board member and officer. Recently, we had four board positions available and elected four new board members who bring fresh perspectives and new ideas that are sure to help PPS-PC continue to grow in great directions. While they are new to our board, none of these board members are new to the work being done by Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County. Take a moment to help us welcome these new board members!

Tywanna Purkett

Tywanna is the mother of a middle school student at AG Cox Middle School. She is a graduate of the 2018-2019 Parent Engagement Program, where she developed a project that would help new families feel welcome in her child’s school. When asked about why she is excited to be a board member, and how she will encourage parent engagement, she responded, “Parent engagement is vital to the success of our children now more than ever, and we must all work with our public schools to ensure the best education experience possible for all students.” Welcome aboard, Tywanna!

Jonathan Sergeant

Jonathan is the father of a Chicod student. He is a graduate of the 2018-2019 Parent Engagement Program, where he developed a program that encouraged stronger business/school connections as a way of fostering college and career readiness within the schools. As an employee of GUC, he has embraced a culture of parent and community engagement in the schools. Jonathan says he is ready to serve on the board as it will help him continue to “learn more about public education and how to be supportive of our educators and stay engaged as a parent.” Glad to have you on board, Jonathan!

Dwain Cooper

Dwain is the father of a J.H. Rose High School student and a J.H. Rose high school graduate. Dwain is literally often very close to PPS-PC, as his office at United Way of Pitt County is next to the PPS-PC office! Dwain has volunteered with PPS-PC in the past by moderating a Board of Education forum, and serving as a guest speaker in the Parent Engagement Program. He sits on our board as the representative from the United Way of Pitt County. He says that he is excited to be on this board because he believes that “families and communities across Pitt County should be actively engaged in strengthening public schools for every child.” Thanks for joining us, Dwain!

Maura Aceto

Maura is the mother of a student at J.H. Rose High School, and she is likely most familiar with the inner walls of our schools as she also serves as an English teacher at J.H. Rose. Maura is an advocate for equity among our students, and confidently shares her voice with key decision makers in our county when it comes to supporting public education. She says that she is excited to join the board of PPS-PC because of how the organization “empowers parents with the tools to advocate for better public schools and fosters active parent engagement.” Welcome to the board, Maura!