Schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences:  A perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the teacher and open communication for any current issues or those that may come up in the future.

Look for Report Cards: They have already come out for high school students, and will soon for elementary and middle. Remember they are not a measure of your child’s worth, but can be used as a conversation starter about school issues. If they are doing well, congratulate them and talk about what strategies they are using that are helping them so that you can reinforce those positive habits. If the report card reveals some struggles, use this as an opportunity to discuss strategies for improving the remainder of the year. There is lots of time left for improvement!

Try Cooking:  For those who have been through our PEP class, you may remember Higher Order Thinking Skills. As you make fun fall treats, have your children help you. Cooking involves reading, math, and for older children, even developing a new hobby that they can do on their own!

Observe National Author Day: On November 1st, talk with your child about favorite authors–yours and theirs. Then, check out books by those authors, or search for them together for an online purchase.

Play with Pumpkins: For younger children, consider carving (or scraping) their sight words, letters, or numbers, on a pumpkin during your pumpkin carving festivities. Want those pumpkins to last as long as possible? Spray them inside and out with a bleach water mixture to avoid them molding so quickly in the ever changing North Carolina temps!