Does having your children home for 16 whole days excite you? Overwhelm you? Terrify you? All of the above? Here are a few ideas to make the time together meaningful!

Movie Marathon: This can carry throughout the entire break. Have every family member choose one movie they want the rest of the family to watch with them, and plan a time to show it during the break. Your kids might get a kick out of some of the old movies you might have liked when you were a kid!

Family Scrapbook: Print several pictures from each family member’s iPhone, and challenge each family member to make one page of a family scrapbook. See if you can decide on a winner for several categories: most creative, most representation of family on one page, messiest page, most organized page, sappiest page, page showing the most laughs.

Furniture Flip: A new scene can change everyone’s mood. Pick a room and redecorate, or simply move the furniture around. Or, pick one piece of furniture in every room to move to a different spot. You can even room swap! Would that bookshelf look better in the living room than that bedroom? Maybe that clock has been hanging on the kitchen wall for too long, and would give the family room a whole new look. Get creative!

Go For A Walk/Drive: Sure, you know all about your own neighborhood. But check out a new place. Take advantage of a family walk through the Greenway. Or, drive to a different neighborhood and admire the holiday decorations you may not see day in and day out.

Volunteer: Opportunities to help our neighbors abound in Pitt County. Some are more organized, like serving food at the Community Crossroads shelter, walking dogs at the animal shelter, or sorting food at the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina. Others can be much more spontaneous like stocking the little free libraries at almost every park in Pitt County, or stocking some of the free food pantries around town.

However you spend your time together, we hope you enjoy it!