At Parents for Public Schools, we often hear parents express concerns about bullying. Last year, we used our community conversations to gather information from parents about what they would like to see presented in a training about bullying. That information was used to create this month’s workshop, Bullying 101.

Please join us Tuesday, November 19 at 6:30pm at Hope Middle School for a workshop that will cover definitions of bullying, along with other behaviors, helpful hints about how parents can respond, and information about how Pitt County Schools can and does respond to reports of bullying. The workshop will include presenters from Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County, Pitt County Schools, and the Greenville Police Department.

We are incredibly grateful for the sponsorship of Charles June Karate. Upon discussing the workshop with them, it was obvious that their values matched our purpose as we discussed the positive skills of resiliency they teach through their programs. We are excited to also hear briefly from their staff Tuesday evening as they talk about how karate can be a self esteem building technique, and how empowered students can feel to use their words and kind actions to prevent and stop bullying when they are confident in themselves.

Registration for the workshop is encouraged, although it is not required. There is still time to register by visiting the following link:  Bullying 101.