As we consider the fact that this winter break may look quite different than breaks in years past, here are a few ideas for making the down time even more meaningful for your family.

-Have each member of your family choose a meal they would like to make or help make during the holidays. Make a schedule of who’s turn it is to choose the meal. Better yet, have each family member choose a new recipe and bake or cook new foods together!

– Place a cup or bowl in the middle of your table and have each family member place questions there. When you share a meal together, choose one of the questions to discuss. Questions can be silly, “What gameshow would you most like to appear on,” or more serious, “What person from history would you most like to have coffee with?”

– Parents, what are some of your favorite movies from your childhood or young adult years? ET, Back to the Future, The Goonies? What about your favorite TV Shows? Who remembers Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell? You’ll be amazed by how much your own children love watching these old favorites, and many of them can be found on various TV/Movie avenues.

– Walk a mile a day as a family. To make this more interesting, see how many different ways you can make up a mile by starting and ending at your house!

– Board games are often forgotten, but some of the old school games like monopoly and life, or even card games, can be a great way to bond as a family when you have lots of time to spend together.

-Have an ugly sweater competition with family and friends over Zoom. Come up with fun winning categories like most  Holiday Spirit, Brightest, Most Likely to Be Turned Into a Cartoon Character, etc.

-Put a kindness cup in your house. Every day, each person should drop one note in the cup after writing down an act of kindness they have done. After a few days, pass the cup around the family and have everyone read one act of kindness. You’ll be amazed at how kind your family really is!

-Stargaze. On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will sit just .1 degrees apart. Two planets will not be this close to one another again until the year 2080, so don’t miss this rare event!

-Share New Year’s Resolutions with your family members and challenge each other to stick to them. Pick one for your whole family to follow!