The month of May is full of appreciation days, and rightfully so! There is teacher appreciation, principal appreciation, school nurse appreciation, school nutrition worker appreciation, administrative professionals appreciation, and the list goes on.

While many of these days happen early in May, you can show your appreciation for the people who have contributed to your students’ education any time this month! If you already expressed your gratitude for the many ways that these kind professionals cared for your children this year, know that YOU are appreciated for your acts of kindness. If you have not yet taken a moment to thank someone involved in your child’s education this year, please take time now to do so before the end of the year.

Appreciation does not have to be expensive or extravagant. A handwritten note speaks volumes. A homemade video of your child saying thank you, or expressing something they loved about the person will be forever treasured. A favorite sweet treat can bring a smile. Even a heartfelt verbal, “thank you for all you’ve done this year,” when you see these heroes in the carpool line, or happen to bump into them in the community, can truly make someone’s day.

Involve your student in creating and delivering these thanks and you will be teaching them skills they will use for a lifetime!