This year marks the fifth year of a successful cohort of the PPS-PC Parent Engagement Program, a group of parents and community members who commit to spending one day per month becoming well equipped advocates of public education. This brings our county to over 90 parents and community members who have increased their advocacy skills as they secure strong public education for their children and all children.

On May 19th, we will honor the commitment of these parents by holding a small celebration to thank them for their commitment to public education. Each participant is asked to plan a project that will better their school or a school in our county. This year, we have projects that are addressing suicide prevention, cultural awareness training for teachers, new club opportunities for students, new play ground equipment for students, kindness rock gardens, and so much more.

These parents have learned about school finances, public school legislation, racial equity and the Leandro Report, learning styles, how to work with the media, and many other topics that will enhance their public education advocacy skills. We are thankful for the time they have spent improving education for each child.

Next year, we plan to offer monthly workshops about various topics affecting public education, using the workshops to recruit participants for the following year’s cohort. If you are interested in attending workshops, or being part of the next cohort of the Parent Engagement Program, please contact Kylene Dibble at