Each year, summer school is offered as an option for enhanced learning in Pitt County. This year, more students than ever will participate in summer school opportunities in Pitt County. The past year has presented challenges to learning and summer school is one option to help meet the needs that arose from some of those challenges. If you are interested in summer school for your child, please contact your school to find out if options are available. We recently talked with Jessica Garner, a counselor at South Central High School, who helped us better understand how summer school will be beneficial for many students this summer.

PPS-PC:  This has been a year of struggle for a lot of students, families, teachers, and administrators. In the midst of the struggle, what would you say have been some of the successes?

Ms. Garner: One success has been the ability to show how resilient we are. No matter the guidelines, uncomfortable spaces, and personal struggles we’ve all had, we have still found a way to serve and support children. Another success has been county-wide implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). We have a ways to go, but I am excited about the strides we are making to make SEL a part of our daily routines in education.

PPS-PC:  Pitt County Schools is offering summer school this summer. What are the dates and daily hours for summer school?

Ms. Garner: There will be two summer sessions. The first is June 10th-July 1st and the second is July 6th-July 29th. Students can register for one or both sessions. The time will be from 9:00am-1:30pm for middle and high school students, and 8am-12:30pm for elementary school students.

PPS-PC:  How do you think summer school has a different benefit this year than in years past, both from an academic and a social and emotional standpoint?

Ms. Garner: The pandemic has caused so many to lose hope. Many students and families have been faced with obstacles that have impacted their lives and ability to maintain consistency with their academics. Summer school offers hope. It gives students who need it a chance to have a new attempt at earning credits they didn’t earn in the fall and/or spring. From an academic standpoint, students can earn 4 credits this summer, which will get many back on track. It starts a new foundation for the upcoming school year. Feeling successful in what you do ignites self-confidence, which is an integral part of social-emotional well being.

PPS-PC: What would you say to a student and/or family who is on the fence about utilizing the summer school option this year?

Ms. Garner:  I would encourage any students who have not earned credits this year to attend summer school. Transportation, meals, and academic/social emotional support will be offered daily.

PPS-PC: If families would like to utilize the summer school option for 2021, who should they contact at their school to express interest?

Ms. Garner: Families should contact the administrators at their respective school.