It feels like it was just yesterday when we were introducing our interns, Breanna Culler and Antonio Lajcin, to the Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County community. Now the time has come to say goodbye to them as they complete their internships. Interns are crucial to the success of our work, and we are so grateful for the hard work and dedication that both of these interns gave the chapter this year.

Remember Giving Tuesday, when we had a graphic of a bus that traveled to a graphic of every school as we incrementally met our fundraising goals? That was all thanks to Antonio, our ECU Communications intern! Have you watched a YouTube video from PPS-PC this year, either of a school tour or a QA session? Again, thank Antonio, who has taken all of our recorded Zooms and transitioned them to YouTube. Did you learn about a community conversation or other event from a flyer on our social media? Antonio has done an amazing job keeping all of our social media accounts active and even grew our Instagram account from 300 followers in August to almost 800 now (follow us on Instagram if you don’t already!).

If you’ve been to a PPS-PC community conversation over Zoom this year, then you’ve almost certainly met Breanna, our ECU Master of Social Work intern. She worked diligently with principals and community members to set up over 20 community conversations this year, and then captured your voices by being our note taker at almost every community conversation. Breanna is now working to pull all of those voices into one comprehensive report that we will share with key decision makers in our county. Breanna has also been a key part of securing several grants at PPS-PC this year, often gathering valuable information that helped our Executive Director submit thorough and complete grant applications, leading to sustainability for PPS-PC.

All of us at Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County wish Breanna and Antonio much success as they begin the next journey of their lives, and we are so thankful that they chose to close this chapter of their education by serving as valuable interns at PPS-PC!