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We are proud to have kicked off our fourth co-hort of the Parent Engagement Program recently. This year’s co-hort recently began on October 17th, when eighteen parents and community members joined together for a six-hour day of learning about public education. They spent time with Pitt County Schools Digital Learning Coordinator Lauren Boucher (also a graduate of PEP), learning all of the tips and tricks for communicating and learning with children through technology. Then they had a great time with Title 1 Parenting Specialist Twanda Staton who helped everyone discover their own learning style and think about their children’s learning styles as well. We also spent time brainstorming Individual Learning Plan options that participants might adopt as ways to improve the success of Pitt County Schools.

In November, we spent time learning the ins and outs of an elementary and high school (Thanks Elmhurst and JH Rose!), by taking some informative and eye opening tours. Seeing the schools is always such a cherished component of the Parent Engagement Program, and this year was no exception! The participants also learned about the difference in Parent Involvement and Parent Engagement, and how they can do both through a session with Kylene Dibble, Executive Director of PPS-PC. And they finished with Mrs. Staton providing even more information about individual styles, this time around the topic of leadership.

This is by far the most cost intensive program offered by Parents for Public Schools and we are so thankful that due to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to offer this program free of charge to every participant, thus allowing us to offer this opportunity to ALL parents in Pitt County. Specific sponsors for the 2018-2019 Parent Engagement Program include Greenville Utilities Commission, the Wells Fargo Foundation, the United Way of Pitt County, and the Pitt County Educational Foundation. We are especially proud of the Greenville Utilities Commission model, which includes funding a scholarship for the class in the amount of $1,250, and then allowing one or more of their employees to attend the class as an enhancement to their leadership and advocacy skills within the company. We are grateful to each and every individual who gives to Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County, as your overall support makes this program possible as well.

The class will take a break in December and we look forward to more time together in January!