Friday, November 13, 2020 was National Kindness Day, but we can keep the kindness going all year long. See below for some (Covid friendly) kindness-boosting ideas for your family, particularly as we have a little extra time during the holidays.

-Take a walk in your neighborhood or a park. Carry gloves and a trash bag with you and make your greenspace a little greener.

-Check in on an elderly or sick neighbor, and ask what items you can add to your grocery order for them this week. Or, just add a few common items and leave them on the porch.

– As holiday cards begin to come in, save the notes as keepsakes, and cut off the beautiful pictures. Use the pictures to make thank you cards for teachers, administrators, coaches, or other important adults in your children’s lives.

– If you plan to receive several packages this season, leave a basket on your porch for delivery folks. This could include packaged snacks (granola bars, pop tarts, candy bars, etc.), water bottles or sodas, small hand sanitizer wipes, and other small items you and your family would like to share.

– Make cheerful cards and deliver (or mail) them to Meals on Wheels. These will be included in daily meal deliveries for some of our community members.

-Remember to “use your words.”  When is the last time you told the people you regularly interact with how much you appreciate them? It only takes a minute to verbalize your thanks or gratitude, but it can mean a lot.