Current Job: I am currently employed with the Department of Commerce

Education: Graduate, J H Rose High School; bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management and Organizational Development., Mount Olive University; Doctor of Theology, Christian Life School of Theology – Anointed Ones Church Campus site.

Top priority if elected or re-elected: My top priority is to partner with standing board members, parents, educators, students and community leaders to ensure we are taking the best steps to safeguard our children when it comes to safety, how to deal with COVID-19 in the best way possible for all schools, as well as ensuring we are providing the best educational venue and tools to assure higher academic standing.

How will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?: I will listen to the frontline workers in the field and hear what their needs are, then work to help bring that change.

Why should voters choose you for the position you are running for?: Voters should choose me for this position because I am concerned with what happens with our students. I am in touch with our educators and will work hard to assist with fulfilling the needs of our administration and students.

What three things about you do you most want voters to know?: I would like to share that I have four adult children reared in the Pitt County Schools. Each of my children are on their own career paths and I am very proud of each of them. My parents, Mr. Cecil L Jones, retired from East Carolina University, and my mother, Mattie Lee Jones, retired from Pitt Memorial Hospital. They are both deceased but the values they instilled within me and my siblings will live on. I am a current member of Anointed Ones Church in Ayden, North Carolina, for over 30 years under the leadership of Dr. Ruth Peterson and Dr. Helen Williams.

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