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Nine months ago PPS-PC welcomed Savannah McCaslin, Anne Thomas Brinkley and Chase Robinson as PPS-PC Interns during the 2022/2023 school year. Anne Thomas and Chase recently graduated from ECU and Savannah will soon begin her senior year. PPS-PC has been lucky to have these young leaders working with our chapter this year.

Whether it was creating flyers, creating and scheduling social media posts, planning fundraisers, attending school tours, representing PPS-PC at community events among many other things they played an integral role in the planning, promoting and execution of the work PPS-PC engages in. Throughout their time with PPS-PC they each shared their thoughts and expertise and strengthened our organization. Each of the interns helped make the transition to a new Executive Director during the middle of their internship a seamless transition.

Our Executive Director invited each of the interns to reflect on their intern experience and to share about what the future holds for them. We wish Savannah, Anne Thomas and Chase success as they continue their education and careers, and thank them for their commitment and dedication to PPS-PC and the community.

-What did you enjoy most about the PPS-PC Internship?

Savannah – I enjoyed making flyers and helping add my own personal touch to different social media posts! I also had an amazing time at the open houses.

Anne Thomas – I enjoyed getting to know all of the amazing PPS-PC staff, and meeting many of the families and students at all of the events! Forming personal connections with everyone makes the experience all the more meaningful.

Chase – I really enjoyed the multiple opportunities to network with other professionals from a variety of disciplines. I was also able to go to different places all the time for events, school tours, and meetings. My supervisors made sure to involve me in as much as they could and I am grateful.

-From your perspective, why is the work that PPS-PC does so important? 

Savannah – The work that PPS-PC does is so important because they truly do care and they want the best possible outcomes for all students, parents and teachers in Pitt County!

Anne Thomas – Work that PPS-PC does is so important because good education and a positive environment is a vital source to young students. PPS-PC’s main goal is to make sure each student in Pitt County receives that!

Chase – PPS-PC is critical in highlighting what parent and community advocacy looks like for our public schools. As an organization, they emphasize the importance of a beneficial supporting relationship between parents and their child’s school through communication, support, parent engagement, and advocacy. PPS-PC also highlights and provides the community with an inside look at our public schools through school tours, which illuminate the awesome programs, dedicated teachers and administration, and gives parents and community members a chance to ask questions about the school from a direct source.

-What is one thing that you learned that you will carry with you in your future endeavors?

Savannah – One thing that I learned that I will carry with me in my future endeavors is how to have good time management and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Anne Thomas – One thing I learned that I will carry with me is how much I enjoyed working with a non-profit organization. This was my first time being a part of a non-profit, and I can definitely see myself working with another in the future!

Chase – Through my internship at PPS-PC, I feel more confident and prepared to build my professional network, engage with community members and organizations, and start my kid off at the right school, using the skills and tools I learned through the Parent Engagement Program to support and advocate for my child through engagement and collaboration with their school and teachers.

-What is next for you?

Savannah – Next year I will be a senior at East Carolina University, and after graduation I plan to do pharmaceutical sales.

Anne Thomas – I will be moving to Raleigh at the end of the summer!

Chase – I will be starting work as an MSW and applying for my LCSW-A licensure to pursue my full licensure as an LCSW. I will be starting my career in Greenville as a clinical therapist and plan to stay to serve my community.