Each year, Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County facilitates dozens of community conversations about public education with people in  our county. We hear about what is going well with our public schools and what could be improved. Comments are all over the board, addressing teacher support, facility updates, funding, among others.

But one topic has seen a shift in the past year: security. What used to be a topic that was often addressed in the “needs improvement” category, it is now a topic that is almost always the among the first to come up in the “going well” discussion. Parents and community members are pleased with the secure entry corridors that have been installed, are appreciative of the buzzer systems and license check in process, and are very happy to see a stronger presence of School Resource Officers at every level.

Last  week Pitt County Schools released an update on security measures. They have been open to feedback from the community about what makes  schools feel safer, and they have been quite intentional about implementing strategies and systems that increase security measures. If you missed their update, please click here to review the changes that have already been made and find out what is still on the horizon. And please take a moment to thank the employees of Pitt County Schools who listen to parent voices and take the safety of our children so seriously.