School choice often gets a less than positive connotation in many public education circles. And yet, here in Pitt County, we are happy to know that school choice exists. Not only do families have choice among the type of school they go to, but because of Open Enrollment, they have the opportunity to choose among numerous public schools within Pitt County Schools. It is important for every family to feel like they are able to find a school that fits them, and that fit could be based on many factors: size, geographic location, proximity to work, extra curricular activities, etc. The great news is that with 24 Pitt County Schools now offering open enrollment, there is a great choice among Pitt County Schools for just about everyone!

We talked with one family who came from a non public school environment, took advantage of open enrollment to choose their new school, and could not be happier with their school choice. As a family with a school aged child who needs an IEP, and a younger child using the services offered at Sadie Saulter (an entity of Pitt County Schools), they knew they had very specific needs that would need to be met, and they’ve been happy to discover that Pitt County Schools excels at meeting those needs. We had a few questions for them about their choice, and particularly how Parents for Public Schools was involved with that choice, and we wanted to share their answers with you.

What has been the most positive thing about enrolling your child in Pitt County Schools?

The most positive thing about enrolling our child in Pitt County Schools has been the teachers and administrators we have encountered at W.H. Robinson. We could not have dreamed of a better teacher. Her understanding of the learning process for students and state standards  is unprecedented. She just “gets” education and likewise, all students respond to her. the communication from both teachers and administration is exceptional. I love how involved with administration is.

As the parent of a child with an IEP, what has been most helpful to you as you worked with the school to implement this process?

I love that my child’s IEP is actually followed. Both the teacher and Exceptional Children’s teacher and specialist are so knowledgeable about students with different learning styles. My child is never ostracized or made to feel different. The positive attitude from teachers goes a long way for both students and parents. I like not feeling as if my child is an inconvenience or burden because there are a few extra requirements. Additionally, I could never say enough positive things about Sadie Saluter and the staff there. They are above and beyond….top notch…amazing.

What would you tell a parent who is considering all educational options for their child?

Our public schools have so much to offer al students. It is easy to base decisions on what you have heard, your own personal school experience, or even your own prejudices and fears. We often assume this or that is not being done in schools. The fact is that our public schools are doing it and they are working to meet students’ needs. Yes, they could do so much more with better funding. However, tour the schools, ask people whose students go to that school, and keep an open mind!

How was PPS-PC involved in your decision making process as you chose Pitt County Schools?

Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County was a life saver! They enabled me to make an informed choice and guided us through a process that was a bit intimidating. I had no idea so many options were available to us. I felt very comfortable asking questions and I appreciated the follow up. We need Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County to help get information out there to the public about our options and allow parents to make a choice based on facts. I think if more people were aware of all the facts they would choose PCS over another option.