“I can’t believe it’s time for this!” We’ve heard this from numerous parents lately who have called our office, emailed us, or attended a workshop or a tour. But indeed, it is time to start thinking about next school year. Some of you reading have children entering kindergarten and starting school for the first time. Welcome! You’ve made a great choice with Pitt County Schools, and we hope you will become a part of the Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County family. Others are coming to Pitt County Schools from another educational choice, or even just moving to a new school within Pitt County Schools. To you, we also say, “welcome!” We are glad you are here, whatever your reason, and whichever school you have chosen! The next statement we usually hear from parents is in some shape or form asking, “WHEN??” When does Open Enrollment happen? When is kindergarten registration? We have the answers.

Open Enrollment begins March 1 and continues until June 1, with a priority deadline of March 15. In other words, apply between March 1 and March 15 to be considered for a lottery process if a school happens to fill its eligible spaces. The Open Enrollment List and application can be found here. 

As for kindergarten registration, that is different for each school, but they all begin in March, and continue until school begins in August. The schools will thank you if you take advantage of those March registration dates though, as that helps them plan for class size and make up. If you are applying for open enrollment, you can wait to register until you have your open enrollment assignment and approval letter, which will likely come soon after March 15th. To find the kindergarten registration date for your school, visit this link. We are excited for this new time of your life and look forward to getting to know you!