After reading the Giving Tuesday article about why you should give to PPS-PC, you may still be wondering, “but what does PPS do?” Several members of the Pitt County Board of Education could answer that question for you. As of December 3, when inductions of new board members took place, we are  proud to announce that the majority of the Board of Education has at some point had a close connection with Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County.

They have either facilitated our PEP sessions, graduated from our Parent Engagement Program (PEP), or are participants in our current PEP class (congratulations Amy Boyd and Tracy Everett-Lenz). In fact, the new Board Chair (Anna Barrett Smith), and Vice Chair (Betsy Flanagan), are both graduates of our program. Betsy was inspired by the program to seek a higher level of leadership in our education system, and Anna Barrett felt the program would enhance her knowledge and perspective as a board member. When asked how PPS-PC has helped her be a stronger board member, Smith said, “PPS allows me to hear the perspectives of community members on how we are doing as a system, and what they would like for us to prioritize. It helps keep my focus on the students and families we serve.”

We are proud of and thankful for these PEP members and PEP graduates for stepping up and using the advocacy skills they gain through PEP to enhance our public schools through their leadership.