It has been a long time since many of us set foot in a Pitt County School. But the schools are ready and excited to welcome parents back! Open House is a great way to help your child feel comfortable about where their classrooms are, meet your child’s teacher, learn about clubs and services your school has to offer, and most importantly, begin developing a relationship that can set the tone for this school  year.

Open House can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so before you attend think about your main goals for the afternoon/evening. Have a plan of where you want to go first, next, and last. Talk with your child about this plan. Be flexible, and give your family plenty of time to experience the school. Remind yourself that you may have to wait while another parent talks to the teacher or signs up at the PTA table. Go with a mindset of patience.

After leaving Open House, consider emailing your child’s teachers with a note to let them know how great it was to meet them and encourage them as they begin what is sure to be a great year. Also  let them know that you are here to be part of their team and that they can reach out to you for support.  Establishing this connection at the very beginning of the year can set the tone for positive interactions the whole year through.

Schedule for Pitt County Schools’ Open Houses, Thursday August 16, 2021:

Elementary Schools: 4pm-6:30pm

K-8 Schools: 5-7:30pm

Middle Schools: 5-7:30pm

High Schools: 6pm-8:30pm