We’ve all seen it. Facebook alerts us to a friend’s birthday and says that they are raising money for their favorite cause. We love the person and the easy way to honor them, so we make a donation to that favorite cause, post happy birthday to our friend, and go about our day.

At PPS-PC, we’ve had several of our staff and board members hold this exact type of fundraiser for us over the past year. And guess what? THEY WORK! Talk with Melissa Adamson, Kylene Dibble, Kathy Herring, and Diane Taylor. They will all tell you how easy it is to make PPS-PC the recipient of a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. Together, these members of our staff and board have raised almost $1,800 for PPS-PC just by creating a Facebook birthday fundraiser.

That’s money that goes towards materials needed for our PEP class, where parents learn to be strong advocates of public education. Those birthday fundraisers pay for the printing costs and other materials needed for the community conversation reports we deliver to our Board of Education each year, allowing parent voices to travel straight to our key decision makers. They also make it possible for us to organize tours that bring hundreds of potential families into our public schools each year. Our programs are literally possible because of private donations from people like you, and through people like Melissa, Kylene, Kathy, and Diane who decided to make a few clicks on Facebook and ask their friends to honor them with a gift to Parents for Public Schools.

As your birthday rolls around this year, please consider following their lead. If you need help setting up your fundraiser, contact Kylene at kdibble@ppspittcounty.org. You are just a few clicks away from making a difference in public education in Pitt County, just by being you!