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Community Conversations are one of the three primary programs PPS-PC offers each year. Community Conversations are guided discussions held with parents and community members who want to share their perspectives on our schools. Typically Community Conversations occur throughout the school year, but this year the PEP cohort has been piloting a new version of Community Conversations. During April and May PPS-PC will be hosting Community Conversations with the larger community. At the conclusion of the Community Conversations PPS-PC will publish a report which is shared with the PCS Board of Education and other district leaders. The report is also made available to the community at large.

There are a variety of reasons attending one of these valuable conversations in person can be difficult for parents and community members. This year in addition to offering in-person conversations PPS-PC will also offer parents or community members to participate in a Community Conversation by responding to the questions electronically. Every Community Conversation asks the same questions whether in-person or online. Please participate so that your voice is heard in this process!

Electronic responses can be completed by clicking HERE.