Marital Status: Married

Spouse’s name: Karen Forbes

Number of children: 2

Children’s ages: 33 and 36

Occupation: Retired Educator: (31.9 years)

Present: Pastor of Freedom Baptist Church, Ayden, NC.

My children attended Pitt County Schools. Two of my three grandchildren are presently attending Pitt County Schools.

I am running for reelection to the Pitt County Board of Education Seat 6 because I feel this position will allow me to help provide Pitt County’s students with an education that is second to none. I have been a member of the school board representing District 6 for ten years.

I feel that my past educational experience is one of my strongest assets as a candidate for board member. I have been a classroom teacher, an assistant principal, the principal of elementary, middle, and high schools, Director for grades 9-12, and served as Associate Superintendent of Pitt County Schools.

I feel that I have qualifications and/or experiences that will help me to make a positive contribution to the school board. I have had the opportunity to experience the world of education from all angles. This has allowed me perspectives on education that many have not been afforded. These experiences give me insight to many of the hard questions that our system needs to be asking, if we want to move our schools forward in the future. While serving in these roles, I had to answer to my superiors and sometimes support philosophies and decisions contrary to my own. As a board member, I will make decisions and answer to the public who elects me. I will represent you!