Many Pitt County Schools high school students take AP (Advanced Placement) classes. If they score high enough on their end-of-the-year AP exams, these classes may be counted as college credits.  A few tips for scoring well on those exams:

  1. Make a study plan.  Your student may want to block off certain hours of the week and dedicate them to studying for a specific AP exam. Plan what to study and when, moving from general subject review to actual sample test questions.
  2. Practice, practice, practice! Peruse practice questions and take full length practice exams. There are many guidebooks as well as free apps available to provide sample test questions every day. Or go straight to the source, College Board, for practice questions:
  3. Color Code. Organize review materials into categories, color coding various sections within each subject matter. Place definitions in green, formulas in orange, and so on. Your student may remember the colors during the exam, which makes it easier to recall the information associated with those colors.
  4. Avoid Cramming. Break studying into chunks, alternating with exercise and other activities. And consider not studying the day before the exam so your brain has a chance to rest and relax before test time!
  5. Learn how to handle test anxiety. Don’t wait until the day of the test to learn techniques to calm down and focus. See

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