At Parents for Public Schools, it is important to us that parents are educated and empowered “from the schoolhouse to the statehouse” and are aware of issues happening at both the local and the state level. Recently, we’ve received a few questions from parents about upcoming decisions regarding our schools. Sometimes, we have not had easy answers about what our local schools will decide because our local decision makers must await state decisions on education policy and laws. Questions about school calendars, school testing, and school funding, are often issues that our local leaders cannot address until our state leaders provide guidance.

Who should you contact if you wish for decision makers to hear your voice? One helpful website is the North Carolina General Assembly Legislative calendar, found here. This calendar allows you to see the general topics of bills being discussed each day. You can click on any bill to read its full description. In addition, the Public Schools First NC website and Facebook page are frequently updated with information about legislative action regarding public education.

Should you wish to contact local leaders about local educational decisions, you can find the email address for all Pitt County Board of Education members here.

If you would like to contact state representatives, their email addresses can be found here.