Can we give 3 big cheers for Pitt County Schools and the amazing way they have handled the end of this school year? From meal deliveries to creative remote learning, they have shown us every single day that our children matter to them. As we prepare to wrap up this school year, we wanted to share a few end-of-the-year details:

-Remote delivery of new instructional material ends on May 22 to allow dedicated time for teachers to complete required end-of-year conferences with students and parents, provide student feedback for all work completed before and after the remote instruction period began, and assess student work and academic growth that occurred during remote instruction. Remote learning will continue with supplemental resources on our district website until June 5th, our last student instructional day. In the event parents need paper copies of those resources online, they should contact their school. Teachers will remain in contact with families. The last workday for teachers will be June 10, the same date that was scheduled before school buildings were closed for in-person instruction. Note: Our two Early Colleges will follow their own instructional calendars.

– Students taking AP classes will still take AP exams. The tests will be online, and students are able to take them from home. The length of AP exams have been shortened. Students should be in contact with their AP teachers to determine the exact date and details about their AP exams.

– Elementary students will not receive grades, but will instead receive feedback focused on student growth. Middle school students will receive a pass or withdraw for the final course grade, and middle school students who took a high school course will not have that course factored into their high school GPA. High school students in 9th-11th grade may choose a numeric grade as their final grade, which would be the highest grade representing learning as of March 13 or as improved through the semester as remote learning continued. They may also choose a final course grade of pass or withdraw. High School seniors who were in danger of failing a class as of March 13th should be working with teachers to determine a way to improve their performance and move towards graduation.

-Speaking of graduation, our Board of Education voted unanimously to hold in person graduations at each high school. Tentative graduation plans can be found here : We will continue to share details as we have them.

-Finally, please take a moment to thank teachers, staff, and administrators in Pitt County Schools for the incredible job they have done this year. They have truly shown all of us how much they value PCS families, and just how committed they are to this work–not to mention modelling adaptability and resilience for our students.  We look forward to seeing them on August 17th, when the next school year begins!