The first year of the Parent Engagement Program Academy was a tremendous success! Over 275 individuals came together to learn about topics that interested them, and even more individuals joined us over Facebook Live. We discussed everything from Kindergarten 101 to the benefits of working with Pitt Community College. We learned how to connect with our children digitally, and also how to help them prepare for the future financially.  We discussed the skills necessary to be successful graduates in the future. We talked with one another about all the great things Pitt County Schools is doing, suggested ways they can improve, and we spent an evening learning about the serious issue of opioid abuse and prevention. With so many different topics in front of us, one thing was obvious. Parents and community members in Pitt County care about our young people and want to see strong public education!

After spending a year getting a taste of the topics discussed in the PEP Academy, you can now become involved on a deeper level. Our more intense cohort of the Parent Engagement Program will begin in October 2018, and applications are now available. If you are interested in learning more about how you can personally strengthen public education right here in Pitt County, you could be a part of the Parent Engagement Program Class of 2019. This class will meet once per month as a cohort of 15-25 individuals who will learn more than you ever thought possible about public education and how to be an advocate for your child from the classroom to the legislature and everything in between.

If you would like more information about this class or to apply, please contact our executive director, Kylene Dibble, at or 252-758-1604 ext. 201. There are already 53 graduates of this program making a difference in Pitt County Schools, and they would love to have you become one of them!