Recently PPS leadership sat down with Senators Louis Pate and Don Davis to talk about the role of parent and community engagement in local public education.

Senator Louis Pate represents District 7 and is Deputy President Pro Tempore of the Senate for the 2017-2018 Session and has served 8 terms in the NC General assembly: 4 in the Senate and 4 in the House. Senator Don Davis is himself an educator who represents District 5 and has served 4 terms in the NC Senate. He serves on the Senate Education Committee.

Senators Pate and Davis both expressed strong commitment to our public schools and acknowledged the importance of parental engagement in education. PPS shared the work we have been doing in Pitt County to strengthen public education, including our recent annual Community Conversations report. Davis and Pate praised the hard work of local teachers and administration in making our schools places where every student can succeed. As Senator Pate noted, “Based on what I have experienced on my visits to Pitt County Schools, the education of the children is in good hands.” We couldn’t agree more! Thank you again to Senator Pate and Senator Davis for taking the time to learn more about our organization and you, its 2,200+ members. You can reach Senator Pate at or Senator Davis at