Recently, you’ve likely heard several media outlets covering various bills that will be before our legislators as they meet in the coming days and weeks. We at Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County pride ourselves on empowering parents and citizens to become educated advocates from the classroom to the legislature. Our organization will rarely ask you to take a stand supporting one position or another. What we do ask is that you inform yourself before deciding what you think is best. Also, it is important to make sure you understand the topic and have not been given misinformation.

An issue that has frequently been in the media recently concerns the legislature considering legislation to change school calendars. Various changes have been proposed, ranging from proposals giving districts flexibility to create a calendar that works best for their community to bills requiring that schools align their schedules with local community college schedules. Will the Pitt County Schools’ calendar change? Rest assured that Pitt County Schools is monitoring the various proposals circulating in the legislature. If given the option to change the school calendar, PCS will assess the best fit for our community by collecting voices, information, and data before making any calendar changes.  Stay tuned….