Checklists are a great way to make sure routine tasks are completed with a minimum of drama or trauma, which is especially important at back to school time. It’s all about setting and following a routine, which following a checklist will turn into second nature before long. Don’t think your child is too young to follow a checklist—even if they can’t yet read, they can still use a visual picture checklist, and it’s a great way to learn the routine.

General Checklist Tips:

  1. Many families find two daily checklists helpful: one for the bedtime routine, one for the morning departure. Some families also use an afterschool afternoon checklist.
  2. Get input/buy-in from your family about what needs to get done every day and then create a checklist tailored to your family.
  3. Create the checklist – – paper, laminated, dry erase, it’s up to you.
  4. Post the checklist where you will see it and use it every day.
  5. It may be helpful, especially at first, to actually include spaces to check items off as they are completed (little ones love doing this!).
  6. Use, modify and re-use the checklists until they become second nature.
  7. Don’t reinvent the wheel—there are many good checklists available online—start with one and modify it for your family.

Sample checklists:

Morning, afternoon and evening checklists for kids

Creating a checklist

Morning checklist for students